Crypto Libraries for Developers

Cryptographic Libraries for JavaScript, Python, C# and Java

  • Cryptography in JavaScript

    • ECDSA, elliptic.js, js-sha3.js

  • Cryptography libraries in Python

    • ECDSA, eth_keys

  • C# and .NET cryptography

    • Bouncy Castle .NET, Nethereum

  • Java cryptography

    • JCA, Bouncy Castle, Web3j

  • C and C++ cryptography

    • Crypto++, OpenSSL bindings, Nettle, libgcrypt



  • JavaScript and Python provide simple cryptography libraries

    • Hashes, ECC, ECDSA, AES, and many more

  • Cryptography is C# is heavy

    • Use Bouncy Castle .NET for general crypto

    • Or Nethereum for simplified secp256k1

  • Cryptography in Java is heavy

    • JCA and Bouncy Castle are hard to use

    • Web3j is simplifies library for secp256k1


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